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Mark A. Williams is a an award-winning marketing consultant. Throughout his career he has had the unique experience managing global marketing and communication strategies for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including; Calphalon, Contigo, Cox Communications, Sharpie, Parker Pen and rOtring. In a world where entrepreneurship and startup businesses are at an all time high, Mark coined these individuals entreBRANDneurs.

An entrebrandneur is a person who builds their own brand from the ground up. Sleepless nights and early mornings, all sacrifices to build their own empire. Leveraging his corporate America experience and strategies, Mark now looks to aid entreBRANDneurs and small businesses owners in their quest of going from good to GREAT.

Graphic Design USA Award

3x 2014 Graphic Design USA Award Winner

AM&P Excel Award Winner

2014 AM & P Excel Award Winner

2013 Graphic Design USA Award Winner


Digital Marketing

Leading YOUR brand into all things digital from social media marketing to SEO, SEM, e-Mail, and mobile.

Brand Expansion

Increasing YOUR brand awareness on all fronts and channels. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or small-medium sized business.

Customer Acquisition & Engagement

Expanding your business through organic growth. Making YOUR current prospects become future repeat customers.

Campaign Management

Conceptualizing, designing, monitoring, adapting and reporting everything YOUR campaign does to assure ROI.



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